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With globalization leading the way and the shift to a knowledge based economy, businesses today have become highly competitive and its dynamics increasingly complex. The ever evolving market and the various technological innovations, accompanied by changes in the structure of industry around the world are rapidly making headway. Amid these trends, World Exclusive, a leading international trading company, tries to aggressively provide global services and turnkey supply chain solutions.

The group with 25 years of experience in international trade around the world and with its head office in Canada branch offices in USA, INDIA, CHINA, DUBAI has a wide network of supply throughout domestic and international market. It operates in a wide range of spheres from the procurement of materials to the consumer market, providing various products and services that consumers frequently come into contact with during their daily lives. These include raw materials for the industry. We source raw materials of highest standards for manufacturers. In a small way we offer to our customers’ best quality products at reasonable pricing.

Trillium Supplies has long been engaged in international business trade with customers around the world in virtually every industry. Imports Exports Medical Supplies, Plastics, Rubbers trading around the world. We constantly work to take utmost care of providing safe and reliable products to our customers.

We conduct well balanced business throughout our value supply chains, extending from the upstream sourcing of materials to the downstream retail business by steadily providing high value added services by utilizing our frontline businesses to gather information while linking together functions such as logistics, financing, and marketing. But at the same time we constantly work to reinvent ourselves and use innovative cutting edge functions to provide required by businesses.

Our brief history is based on a single vision, and pursuit of improvement, a process that always keeps the customer in mind. This is the reason why our customers have relied on us for on-time delivery of competitively priced, high quality products.

Plastics –

We specialize in providing all kinds of plastic raw material for the industry. Thermo-plastics (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP), Engineering plastics (ABS, SAN, POM, PS, NYLON) Pvc resins (PASTE, SUSPENSION). We also specialize in all kinds of recycled plastics and scraps.

Rubbers –

We specialize in all kind of rubber materials required by tyre and automobile industry (SBR, PBR, HSR, NR and NATURAL RUBBERS, RUBBERS, CARBON BLACK) we also provide EVA (Ethyl Venyl Accetate) for Shoe Industry.

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